Our show is about celebrating rural country living in a friendly, entertaining & informative environment. We welcome all levels of experience of Smallholding & farming, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer with itchy green fingers, hopefully our show can help you. There are a number of agricultural attractions on display, from the science & practise of farming for crops to the rearing of animals to provide food, wool & any other products you could possibly want to craft. 

Buying Poultry

The show is an ideal to place to come if you wish to purchase poultry with a variety of traders selling a range of breeds to suit your smallholding needs. 

West Sussex Smallholders Association

With the show being based in West Sussex, we are proud to welcome back The West Sussex Smallholders Association to the show. They are located in the Young Farmer’s Building & will again be filling the barn with sheep, pigs & small animals for duration of the weekend. Their membership spans a broad age range with a wealth of skills & knowledge. Their aim is to provide support & offer practical hands on training to any of its members, whether they have a passion or an interest in smallholding.

Whether you’re interested in keeping just a couple of chickens for your garden & a window box of herbs through to making a living from a large piece of land that includes pigs, sheep & cattle, they will be on hand all weekend to offer practical advice & to also purchase items from. Pop along & say hello.

Kent Smallholders

Located right in the hub of the show & amongst all the activity in the Robins Animal Building is the Kent Smallholders who we welcome back to the show again. The Kent Smallholders were formed in 1987 by Hadlow College to whom they are affiliated. 

Kent Smallholders are a thriving group of members from all walks of life, some with land & animals, others with just a window box & a keen interest in rural crafts. They all come together to share a wide range of experience & knowledge to help anyone starting out in smallholding. Please visit their fabulous stand to have the opportunity to meet, share & discuss your smallholding experiences with them.

Robins Animal Building

The Robins Animal Building has been a mainstay of our show for years & is always a highlight of anyone’s visit. In the building you will be able to find a variety of cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs & other small animals, pop along to say hello to the animals, give them a pat on the head or perhaps even purchase one to take home with you! Homespun yawns & weavers are also on hand to display their craft. Learn all about fleeces, yarn, spinning, dying & weaving with their hands on displays.

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