Rural Entertainment


An always popular, informative & exciting display, we welcome the Grey Goose Wing Historic Archery Group back to the show this year.

Grey Goose Wing Historic Archery Group were 'hatched' in 1985. Most of the team's current members are experienced battle re-enactors as well as taken part in movies such as 'Agincourt' for Channel 4-USA & 'Black Adder - Back & Forth' in the UK.

Since their inception, the group have strived to show the world at large the part the Longbow has had to play in our history; from the simple bows of our first ancestors; the hunter-gatherers, to the wooden English Longbow used in many of our historic battles & wars; to today's very different bows made from the most modern materials.

Have a go at archery yourself & see if you can put some hole in the (intended!) targets. The group also put on an amazing display & demo showcasing why the Longbow was the medieval ‘machine gun’ of it’s day & also show you exactly what a Warbow is capable of doing to authentic targets such as chainmail & armour.

The Fair Isles Medieval Society

Joining Grey Goose Wing Historic Archery this year are The Far Isles Medieval Society. This society is a reenactment group for people from all walks of life, who share an interest in the Middle Ages (600 - 1605AD). They will be bringing to the show a 'living history Big Tent' demonstrating spinning & other types of work, an area for 1-on-1 training & will also be putting on a medieval re-enactment in the Main Arena.

Since 1976 the Far Isles has, through revels, tournaments and workshops, encouraged learning and experience of medieval living. Members take on a 'Persona' for many of these events, such as nobles, peasants, soldiers or clergy from any country. The Far Isles has a large presence in the South East of England, but there are members spread through the United Kingdom and beyond.‚Äč

Mole Catcher & The Mole Show

A unique form of educational entertainment where the mysterious world beneath our feet will be explained as the Grass Shark Hunter explains the unseen world of the mole. An enlightening show with a mixture of light comedy & props to break the myths associated with these rarely seen British mammals. The Mole Show is a full performance of light hearted banter designed to explain how man has strived to be rid of this little mammal presented in a way that only the Mole Show can!

Horse & Wagon Rides

If you’re feeling a little tired & still want to explore the show, or just fancy a quick ride in a wagon, then hop onto a Horse & Wagon ride. The horse will guide you around the show ground allowing you to explore the show from the back of a wagon.