Small Farm Training Group

Talks & Timetable

About the Small Farm Training Group

The Small Farm Training Group (SFTG) aims to enable you to learn better farming, smallholding & horticultural skills. The SFTG is a group of busy people, many of who are in paid employment & are also small scale farmers, who understand the pressures of trying to manage the balance of work & farming & all that it entails; trying to look after the livestock, cope with sheering, hay making, honey harvesting, etc. while at the same time having to go to work.


They run a series of courses over the year which are training related & over this weekend will be offering a selection of talks which are a taster of what they do. Please join them in the NFU Farmer's Barn to find out more.

Hens on a Smallholding

11:00am - Saturday & Sunday - with Olena Lewis
There is an appeal to keeping hens for all levels of smallholder & are often the first 'livestock' that people want to take on. From raising them as pets, to producing eggs or even as tasty meat for the table, Olena Lewis talks you through the pro's & cons of keeping hens on your smallholding. 

So You Want to be a Smallholder : The Up's & Down's of Getting Started

12noon - Saturday - with Paul Lovat-Smith
From labing to cider-making, to keeping hens to having a veg box on your windowsill, Smallholdings have risen in popularity in recent years. Paul Lovat-Smith gives an authentic & practical talk on the up's & down's of getting started as a smallholder.

How Can I Be A Smallholder When I Don't Have Any Land?

12noon - Sunday - with Andrew Lake
This informative talk from Andrew Lake proves that you don’t need acres & acres of land & space to become a green fingered smallholder.

Raising & Growing Your Own Food is Good for Your Health

1:00pm - Saturday - with Laura Uphill
This talk from Laura Uphill offers advice on how you & your family can become independent, self-sufficient & more importantly healthy by turning a small space of land in your garden into a productive garden. Nothing can beat the taste of a piece of veg you have grown & nurtured from seeds - plus you'll know there isn't any of the unhealthy additives added to it!

The Commuter Pig Keeper

1:00pm - Sunday - with Michaela Giles
Michaela Giles of Tedfold Cottage Farm will discuss her book The Commuter Pig Keeper and talk about how to keep pigs when time is your most precious commodity.

Ewe-phoria! My Life with Sheep

2:00pm - Saturday & Sunday - with Jenny Cloke
Come and listen to Jenny as she shares the ups and downs of keeping sheep. From foot rot to the joys at lambing time and everything in between.

Put a Buzz Into Your Smallholding : Beekeeping Basics

3:00pm - Saturday & Sunday - with Jenny Cloke
What goes on inside a beehive? What’s all the buzz about bees? How much space do I need and what about my neighbours?
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